This is my personal blog about my family, our life, my thoughts, my rants and raves. I love to write, give my opinion and vent. Some posts will be public, some will be private, the private ones will be for my boys one day. One day when Shaun and I are no longer around for them. No one knows when that day will be so this is my present to them, my legacy of how I am, how we were as a family and how the world was seen and experienced through my eyes. The one thing I regret is not having “more” memories of my dad and I don’t want that for my children. So this is going to be a very very honest blog – you will need to send an e-mail via the website to request permission to see the content, if you are offended please remove yourself from my blog, my opinion and blogging will not be changed for you. This is Me…… enjoy the ride.


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My weight loss journey – Now or never!

I have wanted to do this for so long. I made up my mind to do it. Then I chickened out, and now finally I have decided that it is time. Time to stand up for myself and for others who are in the same boat as me. Being judged for your appearance without knowing the whole story. So yes, I am fat and overweight. My fault or not, it is what it is. There comes a time when whatever…

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Our Christmas family holiday or not.

So 1 year ago I was pregnant with the McKenzie’s twins and Christmas was not the greatest because I was so tired. So I decided that we would go away for Christmas 2017 and chill. Go to a kid friendly place and let the kids just have a jol and us a relaxing time. So we asked around and decided on a place called Slanghoek Resort in Rawsonville. Never being to Slanghoek, the website looked amazing and we booked from…

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You know you are the new “water wise Capetonian” when…….

1. You watch the weather forecast better than the USA governments CIA for terror threats. 2. You hear any unexpected rain at 2am, run out balls and boobs swinging, ass showing, putting drums, dustbins and even tupperware under the gutters and screaming at the kids to wake up and bring their sandpit buckets to help catch as much as possible even if its only a small buckets worth. 3. You welcome the old wives tale of a sore knee or…

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