Christmas….. Yay or bleh

Christmas….. Yay or bleh

So its been the Christmas holidays and season. Not sure about you but every year I try and make Christmas special. We put up the tree, we put out the nativity scene, we put decorations on the doors and mirrors and poor Shaun connects as many lights as he possibly can afford to the house to make me happy.

I am lucky and grateful that Shaun gets off over the Christmas season so he can be home for the kids aged 1 and 4yrs if I have to work, which this year I have been but let me tell you, it has not been easy. You get home and you start cleaning, cooking, packing away, trying to spend playing with the kids, giving your partner some attention as the only stimulation they have had is from the children (which is not always full filling), going to the shops with hot, bothered, tired and angry other shoppers and by the time its bed time you are exhausted and wake up again to do exactly the same the following day. Its like Ground Hog day in the Laufs house over Christmas.

I had a bit of a melt down this year because I all of a sudden thought to myself – What the fuck am I doing this for…… cleaning and rushing to get things done for any visitors, spending money on how many presents, taking hours to wrap the damn things that get torn open in seconds, food gets wolfed down in minutes and everything you have spent hours/days getting done and ready is all undone within a few hours and I spend my days shouting and screaming and moaning at poor Shaun and the kids.

I am not saying that no one appreciates it, everyone loves the food, loves their presents, loves being spoilt and relaxing but there is just so much more behind the scenes that no one see’s or realizes (unless you are in the same situation as me) and then what about me, what about Shaun, what about our time to enjoy it and relax……. We work our butts off the whole year, look forward to our leave time and in the end its so stressful.

So we have decided….. next year…. fuck it. We buying our presents online months before Christmas, I am ordering take out food from who ever is making and will deliver and I am getting into my cozi with the kids and we are going to swim, play games, watch a movie and have a afternoon nap.

We forget that Christmas is about have quality family time and enjoying it, not whether you have a clean house or not.  Christmas is about giving but also appreciating life – your life, my life and what we have already…….

Its my own fault that I get so stressed out and that I try and do a million things before and during the holidays. I blame no one else but it will also now be my choice on how we spend any future Christmas’s and it wont be stressful because I am not going to allow it to be!

Just a few pics around the December holidays. I totally forgot to take of the actual Christmas day as I was so busy and exhausted.

Connor – his favourite spot in the whole house – the couch next to my bed. His treat on weekends.
Boetie – loves eating and eating outside
Bad quality pic but the boys together playing ball
Connor being a silly billy and like his mamma who likes to pull faces.

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