My love hate relationship with food and weight loss.

My love hate relationship with food and weight loss.

I remember when I was younger how easy it was to loose weight, pick it up and then loose it again. They say that as you get older it gets harder and harder. You dont really listen or take note until you get older and trying to shift a few extra kilo’s is like getting blood from a stone.

THEN you get married, you get comfortable and the weight decides to creep back again when you not looking. Lets not talk about having kids and trying to get rid of the baby fat. Baby Fat???? I dont really like that name because its not baby fat, baby fat sounds all cute and cuddly….. its NOT, its F*cken Stubborn ugly fat and there is nothing cute and cudly about it. Pfffttt baby fat my ass!

I mean seriously…… do I look like I have baby fat, NO….its “stop opening your freaking mouth and vreeting fat”……. plain and simple.

However, at the age of 39yrs old, 2 kids later and lots of “baby fat” hanging onto my stomach and ass like a tick to a dog, just trying to cut down and eat healthier is not cutting it. This fat is old, its comfortable, its “home”. The problem is I dont want it anymore, I really dont. I am tired of being overweight, I am tired of being lazy, I am tired of not fitting into my cloths, I am tired of running outside with Connor and not being able to do it for longer like he wants me to, I am tired of being tired.

I feel I have lost out on the good years of my 30’s. Yes yes, that is when I got married, had my babies and I love them all to bits and wouldn’t change it but that is also when I “lost” myself, became comfortable, picked up even more “baby fat” and now I am struggling, struggling to find myself again because I am so tired, so over weight, so unfit. I miss being confident enough to just jump into the pool while entertaining our friends. Not that they would care or judge because its me that is judging myself.¬† Its a never ending bad circle but I have decided to kick this circle’s butt and kick it hard.

I started to do some personal training with Gary Barrett at his gym in Kirstenhof called Takedown Martial Arts and Fitness Academy in Kirstenhof.

At first it is very intimidating as you think that its only the fit, healthy and thin that go to a MMA fighting gym because when you actually put your “shame” away and go and inquire like I did, you realize that Gary and his team have your best interests at heart and that all the other people who are there training, fighting and getting fit have the same “shame and guilt” as you do and also started at the bottom. My problem is that my bottom weighs a lot more than most and my fitness level was seriously non existent.

So at first, yes its out of a persons comfort zone but from the very first session with Gary, I loved it. I seriously loved it. I sweated my ass off, I was exhausted, I was sore but I freaking loved it. I also train with Nick every now and again which changes things up as he is different to Gary but from the moment I started there I did not feel like anyone was judging me or looking down at me. I felt very accepted and was welcomed with opened arms and still am with each session.

Since starting, I am now fitter, healthier, happier, stronger than I have been in many years. I still dont look like Kate Moss but I am now on a eating plan with Gary’s wife Kristen and so far so good. Oh believe me, I have my ups and my downs. I ride that wagon for 3 weeks and then fall off it HARD. What I love about Gary, Kristen and Nick and the whole Takedown Gym is that NO one shouts at you or thinks any less of you for falling off said wagon…..why….because they are human too. They know what its like, they breath it, they do it, they live it and they know that NO one is perfect, not even themselves which is what

Takedown has become my home away from home. I am happy I have found it and I am going to do what I can to stick to it.

However this constant battle of “dieting”, staying healthy and exercising is seriously a thorn in my side but something I need to do for myself and my family. I want you to know that if you are in the same boat as me, GET OUT, before we both sink….. ha ha ha – join me…. join me in spirit, join me in whatsapp, e-mail, FB, my blog or even at the gym. I will go with you, be your fat friend, be your strength, be your energy, be what ever you want me to be if it helps you. You are not alone, I promise.

If you want to follow my journey then Bookmark my blog or send me an e-mail to sign you up so you can see more of my ups and downs.

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If anyone is interested in contacting Gary Barrett then here is his website for the gym.

April 2016 - Fight with Nick
April 2016 – Fighting session with Nick
April 2016 - With Nick - one of the personal trainers.
April 2016 – With Nick – one of the personal trainers.
March 2016 - the beginning - my first day with Gary Barrett
March 2016 – the beginning – my first day with Gary Barrett

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  1. I feel your pain! I don’t want to be frumpy and forty. I have been banting for 2 years, lost weight, lots of energy & feeling great… then fell off the wagon about 6 months ago and have lost my momentum; been struggling to get back up again. It becomes a vicious circle…

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