My weight loss journey – Now or never!

My weight loss journey – Now or never!

I have wanted to do this for so long. I made up my mind to do it. Then I chickened out, and now finally I have decided that it is time. Time to stand up for myself and for others who are in the same boat as me. Being judged for your appearance without knowing the whole story.

So yes, I am fat and overweight. My fault or not, it is what it is. There comes a time when whatever the reasons for being overweight are, become “old”, and it is eventually time to put your big girl panties on and do something about it.

So this is my story, my mission and I hope you will join me, encourage me, and I hope to inspire you or help you to know that you are not alone and that the struggle is REAL. I can do this; you can do this if you want. We are in charge of our own lives and choices. It is time to get ME back, for me, my husband and kids.

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112.5kg – The biggest and heaviest that I have ever been. Good God.

Join me, follow me, share my story. Encourage me, leave me messages. I will do this! I can do this!….. Do I sound convincing? Ha ha ha ha, I hope so.


Me – The journey starts now.

2 thoughts on “My weight loss journey – Now or never!

  1. Bravo Lee-Ann but you must be doing this for yourself, not for anyone else. Most importantly if you like yourself as you are don’t attempt it, in my view you will be doomed to fail, bugger what others say or feel, if you live your life to please other peoples comments and ideals you’ll never stop changing ever, ever!
    Having come down from +/- 90 kilos 2 years ago I have broken 80 recently NOT by being a slave to a diet but avoiding those carbs I don’t crave but can do without. It helps to have a partner/cook who helps you but doesn’t bully!
    I think explained to you I was so impressed a couple of years back by guys and girls overseas who had taken to the 5/2 diet which is eating as you would normally for any 5 days but on 2 days a week (I did Tuesdays and Thursdays) absolutely free of solid carbohydrates! Beer I am addicted to (just joking) but I don’t stretch it that far, if I feel like a beer or 2 I imbibe but potatoes pasta rice pastries cakes etc:etc are anathema on those 2 days. Chippy makes allowance and if we eat a bolognaise or something else that needs a vehicle to carry it I choose a bed of Shredded cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, any veg but NO carbo’s including breads and biscuits or sucrose.
    I eat lots of cheese plenty meats and I love my fish and veggies by the plateful they do no harm!. Be AS STRICT WITH YOUR SELF AS POSSIBLE you will find the need tempts you continually but give yourself a star for each 24 hours you succeed. 2 days out of 7 is easy once you get into the rhythm and you’ll see the difference on the scale ONCE a week ( same time same day after toilet!!) gradually. It works painlessly for me and I promise it’s easy as Pie NO! not Pie! as easy as anything! Lunch is very often Greek or some other salad which I love, you’ll fall into the routine, it’s so easy really! If you are FORCED into breaking your diet day move it to the next one just stick to 2 days off carbs, it works so easily! Fond regards and hugs all round from Grumpy Peter

    1. That is what I am doing. I allow myself to still live with my kids but I have cut down on my portion sizes which is my biggest problem. I will, however, try the 2 days no carb thing and see how it works. Thanks for that.

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